The Only Way... "For You to Keep Your Gear Dry and Compressed at the Same Time." Find Out How to Feel More Secure Than Ever.
You might be thinking to yourself will my sleeping bags really stay dry?  Yes, they will!
We've got the method.
  • Premium 100% Waterproof Material with Air-out valve creates a perfect vacuum sealing environment that holds.
  • No Compression Straps Needed we’re all about vacuums and human power.
  • Compression Sack that's strong non-rip and puncture proof, rot proof with ability to stay flexible even in subzero temperatures.
Price: $27.99 - $34.99
WOW! That's how I will describe this bag. I have been using it for military training. 
It is lash-strapped to the bottom of my ruck sack. With that said, I have been very abusive and hard on this bag....and it has not let me down. VERY tough and abrasion-resistant.
You will not be disappointed.
~ Howard H.. 5-Star Amazon Review
Well, it's an infinitely adaptable adventure bag and trustworthy travel co-pilot. 
  • Washing Bag on the go, 100% Waterproof - core protection in the rain, snow that also converts into washing bag. You can clean your clothes anywhere.
  • Adapts to your lifestyle as temporary Cooler - you'll love the way it can keep your beer cool. Fill up your bag with ice and beer, and suddenly you're everyone's best friend.
  • Anty-Theft Travel Buddy Guard - premium material is very tough and difficult to cut through.
    Roll-Top-Closure makes it hard to open and steal from. You would notice immediatelly someone is trying to open your bag while you are roaming through crowded places.
Dry Bag Bocca della Verita The Mouth of Truth
Visiting Rome the famouse
Bocca della Verità The Mouth of Truth 
test = PASSED
😅 phew.
The material is thicker than I expected and held up very good during my trip to Thailand. 
Stuff I had inside remained dry after several trips to the beach and jet-ski. Highly recommend it if you need something waterproof and high quality.
~ bbnc,.5-Star Amazon Review
Premium Dry Bag 30L Waterproof Backpack 
with Dual Air Valve Inflation and Compression Sack.
Heavy-duty Gear Bag for every challenge and adventure....
Supersingularity TEKTITE Dry Bags
Made by Adventurers for Adventurers.

The TEKTITE roll-top dry bag backpack is your ultimate co-pilot for the water, mountain, forest and urban jungle. Protects your gear in any condition - even water and subzero temperatures.  

You can carry everything with the new larger 30L | 8 gallons size and still travel as light as spacedust. And yes, they look pretty damn good too. 

The dual-way air vent compresses to pack more stuff. 
No compression straps needed.
Our flexible premium 100% waterproof material with air-out valve creates perfect vacuum sealing environment that holds. You can pack in at least 2 sleeping bags - with room for more. Save space and protect your gear in harsh conditions.

Comes with 2 adjustable and removable shoulder straps
Grab your bag by the sturdy handle, sling over one shoulder, or use both straps like a backpack or clip across body diagonally.

Dry Bag is joined using high frequency seam welding to create perfect watertight seal.
In a Nutshell
  • PROTECTION IN WATER, SNOW, SAND and DIRT. Strong non-rip and puncture proof material with roll-top closure for a secure watertight seal. Because you need your sandwiches to stay safe and dry. And your survival gear. But most importantly - sandwiches.
    You know what sucks about most compression sacks? They don’t keep your stuff dry. You know what rocks about our dry bags? The dual-way air vent compresses to pack more stuff in or inflates to float on water.
  • PREMIUM 100% WATERPROOF DURABLE MATERIAL. Made from 500 Denier Tarpaulin which makes our dry bags super tough and super flexible even in subzero temperatures.
    You wouldn't expect your expedition partner to quit after one trip, would you? No, sir! 
    Our bags are so well-made we guarantee them for life. It goes without saying that if our product doesn’t arrive in perfect condition we offer an immediate replacement or full refund. 
    Yes, risk-free money back guarantee.
Supersingularity TEKTITE Dry Bags
Price: $27.99 - $34.99
FREE Prime Shipping
(You'll be able to buy it from our online store very soon. 
We are working very hard on it. 
Meanwhile, you can go and buy it at our Amazon Store.)
Supersingularity 30L Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack Gear Bag for Boating Kayaking Canoeing Rafting Surfing Fishing Hunting Camping Beach
Quick Specs
Dimensions (Dry Bag):
- Width: 14.6 inch / 37 cm
- Sealed Height: 24.4 inch / 62 cm
- Open Height: 28.7 inch / 73 cm
- Depth: 9.8 inch

Dimensions (Strap):
Max Length: 38.2 inch / 97 cm
Min Length: 22.1 inch / 52 cm

Capacity & Weight:
30 liters / 8 gallons / 1,830 cubic inches
670 g / 23.65 oz
Care and Maintenance
  • After epic adventures, empty your bag completely and sponge with soapy water.
  • Never put your bag into a washing machine or dryer. It will lose its magic powers.
  • Store bag in a dry and well-aired place.
    Keep it safe and away from children or pets.
  • Lending your bag to a friend may be risky. It's highly possible they'll love it too much and will keep it forever. So, you might consider getting them one to prevent falling out with a friend.
Great first dry bag.
I used it on my motorcycle for a three-day camping trip a day or two after it arrived. 
I was able to put my 2 man plus tent in it as well as my Big Agnes sleeping bag.
~ Melikesmacks,. 5-Star Amazon Review

Fill your bag with essential gear and clothes to keep it protected and get ready for take off. If you don't love your dry bag, we'll refund your money.
See, no worries.

You wouldn't expect your expedition partner to quit after one trip, would you?
No, sir! Our bags are so well-made we guarantee them for life.

It goes without saying that if our product doesn’t arrive in perfect condition we offer an immediate replacement or full refund. 
Yes, risk-free money back guarantee.

Price: $27.99 - $34.99
FREE Prime Shipping
(You'll be able to buy it from our online store very soon. 
We are working very hard on it. 
Meanwhile, you can go and buy it at our Amazon Store.)
Bag rocks!! 
Everyone in the family will be getting one!
~ Paul Ziemba,.5-Star Amazon Review
I am a pro bike courier in Seattle and very hard on backpacks. 
This bag is still perfect after many months now. :D
~ Amazon Customer, 5-Star Amazon Review
No matter what adventure or travel you like,
we were made for each other.
Yes, The White Continent! You could backpack there. Many think it's impossible, but we've done it. Visit  and don't forget to hug penguins.  
Explore high mountains all over the world. Who knows, you could even try sledding on top of your dry bag. Let us know how it went.
Compressing gear just got easier with our method. 
The trouble-free valve releases the air out, compressing your contents tightly.
You know that feeling when sand gets everywhere?
Well, not anymore! We'll take care of that, Relax sipping on cool and refreshing drink.
Where can I use a dry bag?
You can use dry bag everywhere! Here is our list to get you started: 
  •  Travelling
  •  Holidays
  •  Shopping
  •  Camping
  •  Cycling
  •  Gym
  •  Kayaking 
  •  Boating
  •  Swimming
  •  Military operations
  •  Maritime operations
  •  Urban Jungle
  •  Festivals & Concerts
  • Mountaineering
  •  Paddleboarding
  •  Surfing
  •   Watersports
  •   Wintersports
What are the other ingenious uses to dry bags?
People use dry bags in very different situations and places. 
Some uses are simple, others more daring or even crazy.  
  •  All-Purpose Storage Solutions 
  •  Bear Bag & Food Storage
  •  Portable Washing Machine
  •  Emergency Camp Shower
  •  Water Bucket
  •  Compression Bag for Sleeping Bags & Gear
  •  Water Buoys - Pot Markers
  •  For Collecting Firewood
  •  Emergency Medical Kit Bag
  •  Multipurpose Camp Mat
  •  Anty-Theft Travel Buddy Guard
  •  Camping Pillow
  •  Laundry Bag
  •  Temporary Cooler for Food & Drinks
  •  Kettle Bell
  •  Sledging
Price: $27.99 - $34.99
FREE Prime Shipping
(You'll be able to buy it from our online store very soon. 
We are working very hard on it. 
Meanwhile, you can go and buy it at our Amazon Store.)
Pro Tips.
The waterproof effectiveness of this bag depends on the proper closure of the roll-top and being free from tears or punctures. Please do not store sharp objects in your bag and check it for tears before each use. 

These bags are not intended for diving or use as a flotation device. Please be sensible.  
What's the difference between Waterproof, Water-repellent and Water-resistant?
How to Securely Close the Bag.
Align the top two edges and make sure there are no creases while rolling down very tightly at least four times. Fold Flat, Neat, and Tight!

Secure by turning the buckles towards you and clicking them together.
And prepare for take-off.
Top 3 Tips Others Won't Tell You.
  •  When opening dry bag after it’s been exposed to rain or water make sure to lay your dry bag horizontally when opening it to avoid any droplets or debris from falling in that might be around the top of bags’ opening.
  •  We highly recommend putting electronics and photographic equipment into a hard case with O-ring seals as it protects against impact damage and long-term submersion. If that's not an option at least put valuables into zip-seal bags.
  •  Put a towel or t-shirt at the top of your gear inside the dry bag to capture any unwanted droplets that might occur due to condensation or form around the top of the roll-top closure.
This bag is beautiful!! No matter what you are into or no matter what you endeavor to do in the outdoors, you will enjoy this bag... It will keep your stuff safe and dry and yes, it lives up to its' promises!
~ Patricia Dunyon, 5-Star Amazon Review
The Supersingularity 30L Dry Bag gets the job done when you need it. 







Extremely durable! I recently attended a survival school. 
I drug this bag through 7000 acres of untamed forest, through brambles and thorn infested thickets, all the while stuffing it with as much tinder, kindling, and fuel for fires that I could find.
Where other student's bags punctured and became less useable, my bag withstood the abuse. 
I also used it half inflated as a camp pillow, and a vacuum bag of sorts to pack clothes in on the inside of my backpack to save space.
I cannot speak more highly of the quality of this product and will definitely be purchasing several more!
~ Amazon Customer,.5-Star Amazon Review

When we guarantee you'll LOVE your Supersingularity Dry Bags, we mean it. 
Whatever harsh conditions mother nature throws at you our dry bag will make the difference between bitter disaster or an awesome experience.

You should also know, that lending your dry bag to a friend may be risky. It's highly possible they'll love it too much and will keep it forever.

Don't say we didn't warn you 🙃

I want to first clarify that I am in no way associated with this company other than I am now a life time customer. I went on a kayake trip with some friends in Austin. Geared with my 30L Tektite dry bag on a 30 mile 2 day kayak journey on the Colorado river in Austin Tx. Flood gates had recently opened due to storms causing pretty fast currents in the river. 

Well, 2nd day in and I took a spill with my Tektite dry bag under water in tow... my life jacket is keeping me afloat while I'm holding the end handle of my kayak and my Tektite bag is completely submerged! ....under water for half a mile down the river before reaching a dry spot. 

My Tektite dry bag kept my clothes, wallet and iphone completely dry! 
It also saved my yeti cooler full of beer. I had bungee cords tied from my Yeti cooler to the Tektite dry bag handle! Not making this up! 
To top it off, I used my bag as my pillow both nights camping. 

I didn't think I'd have such an awesome experience with a product but had to share this with someone who might ask if this is worth every penny...yes, it is! Great product. I'm getting the 20L next!
~ Cromatic, 5-Star Amazon Review
The cool thing is dry bag didn't just work for us on our adventures, it works for all kinds of people.
Buying it again. 
Its been to the Bahamas, Mexico, Florida overboard a few times, several down poors, canoeing a bunch. No complaints, I'm buying a secomd one to store my wet gear sepereate from the dry gear after a change of clothes.
~ Rion,.5-Star Amazon Review
Purchased for a Boy Scout canoeing trip in the boundary waters of Minnesota and Canada (Northern Tier). Survived rain, water, and kept everything dry. Also surprising how much you can actually get in here with the use of compression sacks. Packed sleeping bag, clothes, and a few other essentials for the week with no problem.
~ CPT G,. 5-Star Amazon Review
Great bag for sleeping gear!
I bought two of these hoping they would fit our sleeping gear. While not extremely large, it was big enough to hold our travel pillow, Teton Sports Tracker 5F sleeping bag and Klymit Static V sleeping mat.
Really saved space in the long run. 
~ Domino,.5-Star Amazon Review
Great for Boating and Camping.
Outstanding piece of equipment. Easy to use and carry. Kept everything dry during a rain-filled shrimping excursion in the rain. Looking forward to using it as a water container and water supply for cleaning cooking/eating utensils while camping. The water valve will work great for this purpose.
~ John,.5-Star Amazon Review
Great versatile outdoorsman bag! We are a family who loves the outdoors.
There are some essential items that we need to take, such as a camera, food and emergency medical kit, that I would not want to get wet.
Great for storing a blanket, pillow and change of clothes in for a hike or other trip. My son is a survivalist at heart and he thinks he needs his own to use in case of emergency. Taking a hike in the swampy marshland? Canoeing down the river? Spending a day at the beach with the family? Weekend camping trip with the family? This is the bag for you.
~ Melissa,.5-Star Amazon Review
Awesome gear makes for an awesome time. When it comes to anything I love gear that works.
Better if it can do more things so I can pack less. Not only does it keep things dry.
But it replaces many items. Air pillow, compression bag, emergency water carrier and solar shower. Awesome dry bag.
~ Automedic,.5-Star Amazon Review
This is a great bag for my boat.
I liked it so much I originally bought three and then ordered four more.
~ Gary A,. 5-Star Amazon Review
Price: $27.99 - $34.99
FREE Prime Shipping
(You'll be able to buy it from our online store very soon. 
We are working very hard on it. 
Meanwhile, you can go and buy it at our Amazon Store.)
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