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What's the difference between Waterproof, Water-repellent and Water-resistant?
- Waterproof is simply impervious to water so will no allow the water or any fluid pass through.
A waterproof gear will have a hydro-static rating to let you know the best weather conditions to be used in.
- Waterproof = suitable for heavy rain, high frequency welded or fully taped seamed, has a waterproof fabric membrane and is generally more expensive.

- Water-repellent doesn’t have a hydro-static head but will not be easily penetrated by water and material is usually treated by a surface coating.

- Water-resistant doesn’t have a hydro-static head and will be able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.

- Water-repellent & Water-resistant = suitable for light showers and is usually not fully taped seamed and is generally less expensive.
Can I get a different color of the dry bag?
Yes, we offer our TEKTITE 30L Dry Bag in four colors: Blue & Black, Green & Black, Orange & Black, Yellow & Black. Subject to availability.
Find out more about colors here:
How do you close Roll-top closure bag securely?
Align the top two edges and make sure there are no creases while rolling down very tightly at least four times. Fold Flat, Neat, and Tight!

Secure by turning the buckles towards you and clicking them together.

Top 3 Tips Others Won't Tell You
1. When opening dry bag after it’s been exposed to rain or water make sure to lay your dry bag horizontally when opening it to avoid any droplets or debris from falling in that might be around the top of bags’ opening.

2. We highly recommend putting electronics and photographic equipment into a hard case with O-ring seals as it protects against impact damage and long-term submersion. If that's not an option at least put valuables into zip-seal bags.

3. Put a towel or t-shirt at the top of your gear inside the dry bag to capture any unwanted droplets that might occur due to condensation or form around the top of the roll-top closure.
Are dry bags suitable for diving or to be used as a flotation device?
Nope, dry bags are not intended for diving or use as a flotation device. Please be sensible. 
Are Dry Bags really 100% Waterproof?
Well, there is a mixed opinion on this subject.
Some say No, others say Yes.  Our opinion is the following. 

The waterproof effectiveness of dry bag depends on the following factors:
1. Proper closure of the roll-top.

2. Quality of the dry bag and its roll-top closure.

3. The dry bag must be free from tears or punctures. Do not store sharp objects in your bag and check it for tears before each use.
How do I take care of dry bag?
- After epic adventures, empty your bag completely and sponge with soapy water.
- Never put your bag into a washing machine or dryer. It will lose its magic powers.
- Store bag in a dry and well-aired place.
- Keep it safe and away from children or pets.
- Lending your bag to a friend may be risky. It's highly possible they'll love it too much and will keep it forever. So, you might consider getting them one to prevent falling out with a friend.
Instructions for How-To Compress two sleeping bags and Using the Roll-Top-Closure the right way to seal the 30L TEKTITE dry bag:
Watch the Video below 👇👇👇
We Care About You.
And Where You Use Waterproof Bags.
Here is our list to get you started.




Water & Theme Parks




Horse Riding

















What Are The Other Ingenious Uses To Waterproof Bags?
People use these bags in very different situations and places. 
Some uses are simple, others more daring or even crazy.
Imagination is limitless, however, take the following list with a pinch of salt and apply according to your appetite for risk, adventure, and fun. 🙃 

Travel Packing Organizers

All-Purpose Storage Solutions

Laundry Bag

Emergency Camp Shower

Water Bucket

Compression Bag for Sleeping Bags & Gear

Water Buoys - Pot Markers

For Collecting Firewood

Emergency Medical Kit Bag

Multipurpose Camp Mat

Bear Bag & Food Storage

Kettle Bell


Camping Pillow

Portable Washing Machine

UltraLight Waterproof Bag
Orion-T 3 Pack Dry Sacks on Water
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